Design Services

We offer a wide range of Interior Design services. If you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Space Planning

Space planning is an important design element of any project. Proper placement and scale are crucial factors in creating spaces that feel cohesive, comfortable and relevant. Our goal is to create spaces where functionality and timeless aesthetics are the essential elements of the design. We can also help transform the look and feel of existing spaces and offer guidance on integrating existing items with new.

Color Consultation

Are you having problems deciding which color to choose? Have you made a lot of trips to the hardware store to buy another sample paint? We will save you time and money for doing it right the first time. We will walk-through your existing space for a careful and thoughtful review. We will understand your needs, your dreams and the colors you feel drawn to. Selecting the perfect colors and placing it strategically in the space are critical to make the most impact.

Finishes and FF&E Specifications

We will evaluate the finishes and FF&E requirements of your project. Once we understand your wants and needs, we will recommend appropriate solutions for your functional, aesthetic and budgetary needs.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen and bathroom? Do you want your spaces to be more efficient and stylish at the same time? Do you need assistance on what plumbing fixtures to pick? What about tiles, millwork, countertop and other accessories? We are here to help you.

Custom Millwork and Furniture Design

There are times in the design process when it is simply impossible or impractical to source pre-manufactured furniture pieces to suit your unique needs. This is the point where we must employ custom design that will perfectly fulfill your dreams.

Project Management

We will help you in keeping the process run more smoothly. Project management also aids collaboration with other teams. By applying the methodical system for your project, it will be a more successful one in terms of budgetary needs and schedule.